We promote an ongoing interest in all aspects of model boat building and sailing

Vessels under way !!

The ‘fun’ part of building and maintaining models - manoevring on the water.  Many of these models, in the absence of any visible reference, could easily be mistaken for full-size vessels.  

WCMBC Navy Day 22 May 2021 - a good day was enjoyed

Vessels slow manoevring

Vessels at speed

Vessels in formation

Naval Tug ‘Hoga’  (United States Navy)

One of few vessels to escape Pearl Harbor attack in WWII

Showing firefighting capability

Rubber duck used for river operations

Schnellboot mid_WWII (Kriegsmarine)


Formation of (distant to closest):

Air-sea rescue launch (SAAF), patrol launch, HMS Tiger,

Formation of (distant to closest):

Kriegsmarine schnellboot, patrol launch

Formation of (distant to closest):  Kriegsmarine schnellboot, HMS Tiger

Models owned and/or built by :

James Anthony, Johnny Becker, Sjaak Bok, John Clarke, Ken Dersley, Mike Phillips, Harry Reeve, Tony Santos