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model boats
  20 August 2017 - Sonstraal Dam
The dam has water (!), and modellers are getting out there for Spring
model yachts

Peter's HMS Surprise amongst some of the yachts

model yachts
Left: Gwylum's and Hans' Lasers with Sjaak's yacht in the distance

model yachts
The yachties enjoyed the good sailing conditions

Tony's steam launch, previously owned and built by Ken B, under tow by John's Springer tug, whilst having the radio system checkedmodel steam launch 

model launch Colin's new-look launch based on the Meteor hull
model rubber duck  Koos' rubber duck and crew

square rigger Peter's square rigger in company of various other models
model launch  James' lovely classic Riviera-type launch, as previously owned by Henri B

model Springer tug
model Springer tug

John's and Mike's Springer tugs enjoying themselves !

model yachts

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