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A significant new model - 9 April 2015

A significant new model has been under construction by a Club member, Peter Ridgway, for the past few months, and was ready for 'sea trials' on Thursday 9 April 2015

A few remarks and stories about the launch (edited from Peter Ridgway’s account of the action) are included below...

HMS Surprise
HMS Surprise
After a long first ‘commissioning’ of the model at the dam, a crew member was on hand giving wind readings.

Just before the trolley carrying the model was about to be pushed into to the water the foresail brace was found to have broken.  It was 10h00, spot on the planned launch time. Some replacement nylon cord was produced, and the task of replacing it, including working below deck with very small 16mm  x 2.2mm machine screws made for an uncomfortable few minutes (with luckily no children in ear shot!). Come 11h00 and all was ready to launch, lower the ship and trolley into the dam over the rock filled gabions. When the trolley itself was in the water Peter discovered that he couldn’t find his cellphone – it had been used to provide light to work below deck in the ship!  A few missed calls confirmed that it was still inside the ship!

HMS Surprise

Retrieving the cellphone involved the positive battery terminal unclipping itself (again!!)  After more frustration and much advice being offered to the modeller / skipper / engineer / crew, it was again connected

In a flash HMS Surpise was on the water.

HMS Surprise

Downwind sailing was fine!  However, when the ships bow was turned to the wind to change tack, she just stopped dead, and then continued astern!

It confirms the understanding that Peter had that a square sail can only at best go 66 degrees to the wind.
HMS Surprise

This difficulty, and the direction of the wind resulted in the skipper walking the ship back to a starting point!
HMS Surprise